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Tropical Leaves

Danielle Vogt

Born and raised hiking, snowmobiling, and kickboxing in a mountainous, small town in British Columbia, Danielle is no stranger to aches and pains. Her active lifestyle is what initially propelled her into becoming a Registered Massage Therapist, but quickly discovered along the way that massage therapy and the entire concept of pain management runs deeper than "just a stubborn muscle". She carries a strong belief that to truly rehabilitate an injury or manage a condition, every contributing factor must be explored. With this in mind, Danielle holds special interest in emotional manifestation in body tissue, injury recovery, and using a client-centered, investigative approach to solving what she likes to call your "pain puzzle." She has had the opportunity to treat a wide variety of conditions and clients - high-level athletes, trauma survivors, and everyone in between. She looks forward to a challenge and has a thirst for discovering new opportunities, techniques, and experiences. 


Danielle has extra training in TMJ massage and manual lymphatic drainage.

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