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Amanda-Lynne Llewellyn

Amanda grew up in the Belleville area, she is a registered massage therapist and certified Reflexologist specializing in therapeutic techniques such as Swedish and myofascial release. She graduated from Trillium College in September 2019 and has obtained advanced technique certificates in Reflexology. 


She is dedicated to providing personalized care to her clients, tailoring each treatment to address their specific concerns and promote relaxation and healing. Her main goal is to alleviate pain using her knowledge and skills, while creating a peaceful and stress-free environment for her clients to unwind.


Outside of work, Amanda enjoys spending her time at her farm, where she takes care of her horses, dogs, and spends quality time with her family. She also has a background in rodeo, with notable achievements in barrel racing and breakaway roping. Amanda also enjoys playing a round of golf with her boyfriend.

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