Jerika Poole

Jerika has always known from a young age that she wanted a career where she could help people, and massage therapy was a perfect match. She attended Trillium College for their Massage Therapy program and 2 years later received her diploma. Jerika has begun studying ASL and is always up for a challenge, new things to study or even just going through anatomy books. When not at work she is spending time outdoors, with her family, painting, or doing yoga.

Jerika's Hours

  • Monday- Sydenham                         11:30am- 5:45pm

  • Tuesday- Sydenham                         8:00am- 2:00pm

  • Wednesday- Sydenham                     8:00am- 2:15pm   

  • Thursday-Sydenham                        12:00pm- 6:15pm

  • Friday- Sydenham                            2:00pm- 6:00pm

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